I'm not your typical money coach

I’m a Money coach.
However, I’m not your typical money coach.

Actually, I don’t identify very well with the term coach.
I’m more like a money guide.

A priestess of good fortune.

I guide you to your inner wisdom of money through awakening your inner money spirit.

Money is divine and deeply connected to ancient priestesshood.

But money is different for everyone.
We all got different energy, different beliefs, and patterns, also when it comes to money. And yet, we are all the same. Feeling the wounds, shame, lack, and misalignment around money. It all comes down to pretty much the same.

The paradox of human life.

Money is about you.
Money is about your connection with yourself.
With your womb space of creations and beliefs.
Money is about your feelings and your energy.

Money is about you feeling safe to expand your money field.
Money is about you knowing your worth from the depth of your spirit. Knowing your nervous system.
Money is about happiness and receiving.

Money is about how much you care.
About how you showing up - for yourself.

Money is about Venus, Kuan Yin, and Fortuna. They are all goddesses connected to the sexual, sensual, cosmic water, good luck, and good fortunes.

And they are all connected to you through your money spirit blueprint.

Money is divine and so are you.

I love being the guide who helps awaken your inner money spirit.

When you start to see, believe, understand, acknowledge, and embody it within your mind, body, heart, and spirit your connection to money and the money flow will change too.

Priestess of Fortune
My power statement 

I come from the darkness of the womb, our divine Mother Earth. I bring the magic from the darkness and divine nature with me. For in the grounded connection, I can go deep and sit with the pain. I no longer need to run. I guide you back to your womb into your feminine energy.  

I’m a sex goddess. Standing strong in my feminine vitality. My sensuality. My sexuality. My womb energy. My pussy power. As my body, heart and soul are beautiful, feminine, strong, and healthy.

I live in synchronicity with my pussy, my divine feminine flow, and the female rhythm of my womb. I use the sex goddess energy for transformation, creation, and manifestation. Not only for myself but also for the ones who follow along the path and ask for my guidance. 

I carry the wings of Isis. The wings of sexual energy. The sensual Energy. The wings of the creatix. The wings of happiness. As happiness is the key to our divine feminine ocean. Deep in the ocean, you find your soul. You find your path. The path of the ocean river that flows through your body, each of your charkas, and lights you with fire. It’s here, when you step into the ocean of your creation, into your divine feminine you’ll remember your divine happiness. It’s here your shakti flows and you’ll bring your future to the present. 

I’m a living Oracle of Kuan Yin, the mother of love and compassion. I connect you to your heart and soul with firm guidance and direction. I’m here to guide you and help you understand the waves of the wild and magical water within you. 

I’ll walk the path. I swim in the ocean. I’ll welcome those who feel the need to follow. I help you bring your wildest dreams and wildest desires to life with your pussy power as your GPS. 

I’m an embodiment of Fortuna, the lady of luck. I help you understand how you can be lucky on purpose by connecting back to your femininity, sensuality, sexuality, and your pussy power. 

I’m your tour guide, I know where to take you. I’ll make you feel safe. I’ll hold your hand while you stare the big waves of your inner ocean right in the eyes. I’ll teach you how to ride it. I’ll sit with you in the pain and grief of letting go of old water and what you thought the ocean was supposed to look like. I’ll be right beside you while you kill your ego and rebirth your soul into new clear and divine water. I’ll be with you in surrendering to the magical wild ocean within you. I’ll guide you, on how to raise your inner ocean and let the shakti flow for your creation to unfold. 

I’ll hold you committed to your soul’s calling and your divine feminine path. I’ll teach you how to invoke your divine feminine ocean and embody the priestess pussy power in your life. 

I’m of the Christ consciousness. Your divine feminine leader.

Priestess of good fortune,
Pernille Sofia Sommer

My Story

Money has always been a big theme in my life. I feel like Money and I go way back.
Actually, I know we do. I feel the ancient connection and wisdom deep in my soul.

From this life, I remember how I spend my pocket money was a topic during my childhood.

I remember my first paycheck and I how felt earning my own money and the amount of hard work I had put into it.

I remember being good with Money. Good at negotiating salary with my bosses and how I always got the salary increase I was asking for.

I remember learning boundaries around Money and other people.

I remember how the money got another perspective when meeting my first boyfriend.

I remember spending money to soothe my emotions.

I remember cultivating money for paying off debt, remaining taxes, or unexpected costs.

I remember when I started investing the money instead of spending it. Not only in stocks,
but also in nurturing myself and cultivating my money spirit.

I remember devoting myself to money and good fortunes and making rituals to cultivate a better money shakti.

And now I am re-membering my ancient connection to the priestess’s wisdom of money.

And I’m here to share it with you.

My Background

I'm Pernille Sofia Sommer, a priestess of the ancient rose linage, divine feminine spiritual leader, and a mother. I have always been drawn to money, maybe that is why I started my carrier as an auditor where I got a Master of Science (MSc) in Business Administration and Auditing. After more than 10 years with money, numbers, auditing, team managing, and financial controlling I started my own business and got a life- and business coach certification.

My purpose with money and abundance has become clear to me and so has my passion, as both money and abundance as it is all over my Spirit Bluprint.

The perspective on how I work with money has changed over the years, bringing a balance of the masculine – the structure of money to the feminine – the flow of money to you, so you can cultivate the money flow you desire.