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with money

Pernille Sofia Sommer
Priestess of Fortune

Before stepping into my priestess path in this life and remembering all the ancient wisdom, I have gathered for years upon years in past lives, I spend the first many years of my career only valuing my head and just having my body as a tripod for my head. As I believed, my head was the thing that made me money.

Even though I did excises I couldn’t feel my body. It was numbed and shouted down. No wonder I couldn’t feel, receive or cultivate much happiness in my body, mind, or soul.

Awakening my priestess path as a divine feminine leader and connecting back with my inner wisdom, the journey has helped me remember happiness and good fortune in my body, mind, and soul. Walking the path back to myself the ancient wisdom of money started to flow back into my consciousness. The deep feminine wisdom of how we can create and manifest our desires from our womb space, with happiness, and with all our feminine power started to come back. 

Being a Priestess is a choice. It is about energy. I believe it is the unity of spirituality and the earthly. The feminine and masculine. Yin and yang. The light and the darkness - all of what we are.

When we no longer are afraid of or oppressing parts of ourselves, life becomes far more nourishing, rewarding, balanced, and happy. To me, this is exactly what being in life and business is about.


Money is Feminine

I believe that money is feminine. We have been taught to believe that money is masculine. That money requires hard work. That money needs to be steady for us to have a good relationship with and a good flow of money.

But just like the waves of the oceans, they are not steady. They come in motions. Sometimes they come in big and other times they come in smaller.

We are so afraid of lack. So afraid of not having enough. Not being provided for. But remember, even when the ocean seems still there is small motion and always small waves hitting the shoreline.

We have learned to put so much value on money. And so much of our value into money and the amount of money in our bank accounts.

I know that feeling, but this is only because we have come to believe that money is limited. That money can only be used once. That is correct to some extent. You can only spend one specific dollar one time. However, what if instead of "spending money" you believed in investing money? Believed in circulating and cultivating money? Believing money flows back to you?

The tighter you hold on to money the more resistance you often create. The tightness often comes from lack and fear of not having enough.

Let us step into the feminine energy of money and let it flow with the rhythm of the ocean.

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  Are you desiring the big money waves in your life? Do you want to connect to the ancient priestess's knowledge of money?
Do you long to activate your inner money spirit?
Do you want your money to dance to the rhythm of the ocean? 

I’m your tour guide, I know where to take you. I’ll make you feel safe. I’ll hold your hand while you stare the big waves of your inner ocean right in the eyes. I’ll teach you how to ride it.  I’ll be with you in surrendering to the magical wild ocean within you. I’ll guide you, on how to raise your inner ocean and let the shakti flow of your money spirit unfold.

Embrace the darkness. Allow it to break you open. To feel deeply. Dream boldly. And love wildly.

Do not be afraid of the darkness or the depths of your spirit. The light needs the darkness to be able to shine.

A journey through the darkness takes time. Like the seed growing into a big tree, our journey through the darkness is embracing, nourishing, and healing. 

It is from the darkness that everything sprouts and grows. The same goes for you. When you know how to embrace your darkness, you embrace your whole being. It is by embracing all parts of you that you can love yourself and others wholeheartedly and unconditionally. It is from this place the money flow grows.

Like a tree, you ascend to the light, to your desires, and your money spirit, but only as far as your roots will take you. As far as you are willing to immerse yourself in the healing power of darkness.

Do not be afraid of the darkness, as the roots must remain in the soil, to secure nourishment, life, and balance. From the darkness, the light grows and lets you shine. Our task is to bravely embrace our darkness so that we can shine and dance to the rhythm of the ocean's waves.